Independent Contractor You
Need to Contract With
To Execute Sewer Project

Who is the independent contractor?
He is individual or entity that contracts with others to do a certain work or to perform a particular service. They uses their means and tools (labors and equipments) to perform the required tasks.

Employees differs from Independent Contractors', mainly by the size of control and supervision practices by the employer on the performed work.

In Saudi Arabia the Sewer Contractor as a main contractor often needs to contract with various subcontractors to complete his projects.

Who is the qualified contractor who can implement a sewer project?

We have two types:
1) The one who has a good operational ability (expert employees, skilled labors and the necessary equipments) to manage and implement diverse works for the project.

He often will complete the project without the need of external sources. But he may look for outsourcing when he needs to do a particular work, such as thrust boring that needs a specialized company equipped with specific equipment to perform this type of work.

2) The other who has a limited operational ability in the sense that he does not have trained workers or the necessary equipment. Therefore, inevitably, he will find himself forced to contract with subcontractors to perform the work. His role will be limited to manage and supervise their work to ensure the implementation is going according to specifications and plans.

Let us assume we have a project that contains the following work:
1) Gravity Lines Network
2) Force Main Line
3) Pumping Stations
4) Thrust Boring

If you are outsourcing the work, then you need to contract with the following subcontractors:

1&2) Gravity Lines Network & Force Main Line.

Contractor Supply
B) Dewatering Contractor
C) Manholes Contractor

Asphalt Contractor
E) Contractor Equipment Rental
F) Labor Contractor

3) Pumping Station.
Construction Contractor

To do the civil work, which may include hiring the following:

Carpentry Contractor
B) Steel Contractor
C) Plumber Contractor
D) Concrete Contractor
E) Mechanical Contractors
F) Electric Contractors

4) Thrust Boring work.
Thrust Boring Contractor

Documents & Tools
-Indep. Contractor Agreement
-Indep. Contractor Taxes

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