Why you Need a
Contractor Equipment Rental
for Sewer Project

The Contractor Equipment Rental in Saudi Arabia is interested to provide various equipments for the sewer contractor, because of the latter's need to rent equipments constantly.
contractor rental equipment,equipment,rental,hire There are two types of contractors regarding the equipment acquisition. The first one has most of the necessary equipment to complete the work, while the second one has some of the needed equipments. The former is in a good position because he has his own equipments, while the later needs to rent the shortage equipments from external resources (equipment Lease Company).

Renting of equipment begins when the sewer contractor decides to compensate the lack in his equipment by seeking to lease from outside resources. Depending on the project needs, the engineer will raise an application to the equipment dept asking them to arrange certain equipments. The equipment dept will see if the required equipments are available or not. If not, they will send an application to the contracts dept to arrange the needed equipments.

Contracts dept will contact the leasing parties asking them to submit their offers (equipment list) mentioning their models and leasing price (daily rent, monthly rent), to pick the best contractor equipment rental, in terms of prices, specifications and rendered services. After that, they would inspect all the offers and compare them, to lease the equipment that is compatible with the project budget.

Important Note: A separate leasing contract should be organized for each equipment.

The sewer entrepreneur may need a wide range of equipment, according to its purpose and the work he intends to do:
A) Excavating Equipment: Excavator, Excavator with Hammer, Backhoe loader, Jack's hummer.
B) Soil-moving equipment: Bulldozer, Wheel Loader, Backhoe loader, Motor Grader.
C) Material transfer equipment: Dump trucks, Water Tank Truck, Concrete Mixing Truck.
D) Water Moving equipment: Sewage Pumps.
E) Lifting Equipment: Boom Truck (Truck with Crane).
F) Soil Compaction Equipment: Roller compactor, Road Roller.
G) Asphalt and paving Equipment: Asphalt Pavers, Asphalt Distributor, Road Rollers, Asphalt Cutter.
H) Shoring Equipment: Sheet Pile Hammer, Shoring Boxes.
I) Thrust Boring Equipment: For doing the horizontal drilling.
F) Electrical and mechanical Equipment: Electrical and Diesel Generators of different sizes, Air Compressors.
G) Safety equipment: Lighting Towers, Concrete Cement Blocks, Electrical Signboard, Normal Signboards.

The contractor equipment rental should have a wide variety of equipment to meet his customers demand, because the sewer entrepreneur needs to use various equipments during the performance of his project.

Leasing; consist of high cost to the budget of the project. Therefore, you should consider managing the leased equipment effectively by keeping the equipment that you need and release the rest.

If you want to dig a pipeline, then you need to hire the following equipment:

A) Excavator: Digging Work.
B) Backhoe Loader: Soil fillings and backfilling and digging work.
C) Wheel Loader: Soil moving, filling the trenches and loading to trucks.
D) Dump Truck: Soil removing.
E) Boom Truck: Carrying and laying the pipes in the trenches.
F) Bobcat: Soil removing within confined spaces.

You need to form several groups to perform the entire project but based on the work you intend to do. You often need to use the same equipment in one of your projects at the same time. After dividing the project into phases, you should provide each phase with a number of groups to perform the required tasks. Therefore, the equipment rental entrepreneur should have several equipments from the same type, to meet his customers demand.

Safety and security plan:
1) He should provide a plan for safety and security procedures, built on the main entrepreneur safety and security plan, which must be followed by his staff precisely.

2) He should appoint a responsible staff for implementing the plan, and coordinates with the main entrepreneur in this regard.

As we have seen, the equipment rental entrepreneur has a great importance in implementing sewer projects, so the main entrepreneur should take good care when he hires an entrepreneur for rental equipment.


Company goals:
1) Contract with the best Contractor Rental Equipment to ensure the support for its projects.
2) Build a database regarding (best equipment, rate and prices, flexibility).

The Contractor Equipment Rental goals:
1) Make a profit to ensure the continuity of his work and its progress.
2) Build a good reputation with the companies by providing what they need according to contract, to give him a call whenever they want to rent equipments for a new job.

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