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The Sewer Contracting

Starting a Contracting Business as a Sewer Contractor...!!The Sewer Contracting field in the middle east, Saudi Arabia and the gulf region is similar to any other business, the concerned person should begin by studying the market needs and estimating size of the projects he intends to perform depending on his experience, knowledge and available funds in the future.

Contractors are classified as follows:
1) With experience, management skill and sufficient money in hand to build a company.

2) With experience, but without sufficient money in hand to build a company.

Both groups can do the sewer business but with some differences. The General Contractor would be the overall coordinator of a project. They would hire and manage multiple subcontractors to do the work, while the Subcontractor would provide the craft force which will do the work.

If you have arranged the initial needed fund and estimated your company size (Big or Small) and type (General Contractor or Subcontractor), then issue the necessary official and legal papers for setting up your business, such as:
1- Article of Association.
2- Commercial Registration Certificate.
3- Contractors License and Classification.

Starting a contracting business Tools:
Next step, try to buy the necessary "Equipment" if possible, and be sure the operators are using them properly, to lessen the maintenance charges.

Bidding! It's the "Soul & Heart" of this business. Because, without a proper bidding, all the previous efforts to win new projects will go in vain, so be sure to bid competitively by revising the current market status and by considering your competitor's way of pricing.

Don't underbid to get a job (You'll regret the percentage you've lost if the bidding was correct), also don't bid too high (because you will lose the job in front of your experienced competitors . This leads us to do a competitor's analysis , but the benefit appears clearly when it is linked to the feasibility study or strategic planning. By focusing on the success factors for each segment of competitors, and by analyzing our capabilities and resources, we can get to know our goals much better.

You must urgently seek to perform new projects. It helps to cover the expenses of the first period of your business (this period would be the hardest period until you can stand up on your feet).

By winning a new tender, we find ourselves in front of Work preparation , with several demands and responsibilities that must be carried out to start out implementing the project.

Overlapping! You have to keep trying to gain new projects beside the current ones to maintain overlapping between them. The "gap" between projects is not good. It will increase your overhead expenses without any revenue, leading to consume the profit.

A broad-base of customers will help your business grow steadily for sure. From the beginning put in your mind to be honest, friendly, helpful, do the work professionally and according to schedules and layouts.

Finally, put in your mind that you are building a business, which takes time and need patience. Starting a contracting business lies under this rule; you have to invest at first to collect the profits later.

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