The Supporting Services duties
Facilitates Other Departments Missions

In Saudi Arabia we can notice that the Supporting Services role in big company's is to ease the Sewer Contractor task in imposing control over its various departments. This dept is usually headed by an administrative director, who works to support other departments in the company and is linked directly with the top management.
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There are various departments that come under the supporting services, like

Human Resource Department
2) Operation and Maintenance Department.
3) Housing.
4) Transportation Department.
5) Department of Communications.
6) Catering.
7) Cleaning and laundry.
8) Archiving Department.
9) Machinery and Maintenance Department.
10) Security Department.

Operation and maintenance:
O&M department as part of the supporting services, consists of important sections. The company provides through this dept a periodic maintenance, and it applies preventive measures for the different departments of the company, also it provides some facilities such as training centers, and others.
The Engineering Section in this department provides studies and plans that contribute to the expansion and improvement of facilities and other sections of the company and supervise of their implementation.

1) Engineering Section may include the following:
A) Planning and Drawing.
B) Equipment Maintenance.
C) Electricity Maintenance.
D) Air-Conditioning and Cooling - Welding - Plumbing.
E) Carpentry - Construction - Paint.

2) Firefighting Section.

3) Cars Workshop.

4) Front Desk to report faults and maintenance requests.

Housing Department:
This department provides the necessary support and all means of comfort to all residents. Its role exceeds receiving the new resident, secures housing and provides the basic needs for them to follow up doing the periodic maintenance for the housing contents. In this way, we can keep the accommodation in a good level of performance and for the longest possible period.
Labor Camp usually follows the housing department.
Transportation Department
Catering Department:
The role of the catering dept is to provide catering for all the company's employees and workers. Also, its duty is to support the head office staff with well established cafeterias to provide drinks, meals and sandwiches.

Kitchens are supposed to be equipped with the latest cooking equipment. The chef must employ skilled helpers and provide cooking diversity to suit the different tastes of staff and workers, especially in multi nationality companies.

Department of cleaning and laundry:
This dept is fully responsible for cleaning the company sections and the public utilities, such as offices, bathrooms, toilets, bedrooms, kitchens and the labor housing. Some companies use modern washing machines, with labors, trained to use the latest methods of washing and sterilizing of clothes to provide laundry service for all residents staying at the accommodations.

Archiving Department:
This Dept main task is to implement an archiving and electronic documentation system across the entire network of the company. Based on this system all the documents and drawings related to the work are set under control and filed on the project basis. The system should provide a high-speed access to any document with an efficient security system to ensure protecting these documents from deletion or amendment. This system should allow a special viewing authority (access) for some users at each department.

Machinery and Maintenance:
This department as part of the supporting services, records any information about all machineries and equipments in the company and of all types. The supervisor usually, organizes a special card for every machine, so he can identify their data quickly. He also records work activity for these machines and their operators, and keeps a full record about all the repair work done for them. Besides that he keeps a record about any accidents caused to them and identify the responsible person to question them.

Security Department:
Big entity's usually contracts with security company to maintain security during working hours and at night. The purpose is to give the administration at the head office a prestige look and to impose discipline. This happens when they deal with different types of people such as workers, employees, suppliers, contractors, who are not away sometimes from causing problems. In this situation, you need a person from this dept to interfere and enforce discipline and solve any conflict.

Also, some company's deals with a big amount of cash everyday, the treasurer draws money from the bank and keeps it in the safe to meet the daily expenses. Therefore, he needs a protection and someone to guard him from theft.

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