Transportation Department
Provide Projects With Vehicles
And Facilitate labors transport

The Sewer Contractor in Saudi Arabia relies too much on the transportation department because it is closely related to the equipment and maintenance department and linked to the execution department as well.

Its duty is to provide the projects with any equipment or machinery that is necessary for work completion. It keeps a record about all the equipments, machines and cars, and it maintains a maintenance card for each equipment. This record helps the workshop supervisor to know what repair was performed during any specific period. Also, it helps to plan the next maintenance check, such as: oil, filter and radiator water changing... Etc.

The supervisor in command would keep copies from all the important documents in a special file, such as equipment ownership paper, insurance Policy, license, keys and spare Keys…etc.

The transportation dept often follows the equipment and maintenance Dept, because of their close relationship. The supervisor is also responsible to keep a record to track equipments, vehicles and machineries movements, to ensure following the best allocation of these equipment to job sites. Assigning these equipments must be based on the needs of different stakeholders, whether they were at the projects or main office.

When the project management needs the service of equipment, they would send a written request for the workshop supervisor to arrange this equipment. The supervisor would check if the equipment is available or not, and provide it to the concerned party, consequently.

Sometimes, because of long-distance between the company headquarter, job sites (projects), staff accommodation and labors housing, leads to feel the importance role that is played by this section for supporting and providing transport facilities in an effective way. Also, the manager works to secure all means of transport for all labor forces according to the work basic needs and emergency cases. This would require a whole fleet of buses and cars in various sizes to connect all the involved parties at the shortest time.

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