Contractor Licensing

Why it is important to get Contractor Licensing?
If you are aspiring to work as a sewer contractor in Saudi Arabia, then you will need to arm yourself with a proper and legit license to be able to work and earn a living.

This is also true if you have plans to own a sewer constructing company. It is a legal requirement without which you will attract a serious penalty, ranging from monetary payments to a significant jail term. This means that without a contractor licensing, you cannot advertise, print business cards or take on any sewer construction, whether repairs, new or replacements. This license is issued by the Contractors Classification Authority.

The benefits of getting Contractor licensing:

A0 Professionalism and Faster Approval From Clients
A license will enable you to get clients faster than if you did not have one. It gives them the peace of mind knowing that they are dealing with a qualified and professional individual, who knows exactly what he is doing. Having a license automatically means that you are qualified for the job and you are a professional in construction.

B) Guarantees Prompt Payments and Discounts
Clients will not hesitate to make necessary payments for services offered and when shopping for equipments and supplies, you are more likely to get a good discount if you have a contractor's license.

C) Qualifies You For Loans
Lenders will feel more secure helping you to improve your business through various business loan plans.

D) Bigger, Better and More Contacts and Jobs
A contractor's license will enable you to apply and bid for any job, whether residential or commercial. It will also enable you to work with bigger contractors as a sub contractor on various occasions, which will in turn enable you to build your reputation slowly as the best sewer contractor available.

E) Bonding and Insurance
Insurance providers will only avail a General Liability Insurance cover to you if you have a proper contractor's license. This will further improve prospective clients' trust in your credibility and professionalism as a contractor.

F) Tax Waiver
A license attracts tax waiver on various equipments and supplies, including vehicles used for the business.

G) Self Employment
Perhaps the greatest benefit of having a license is once you have it, you can easily start your business or work on part-time basis, and enjoy financial freedom and independence.

What You Need To Get The License?
To qualify for a sewer contractors' license, you must provide proof that have worked and successfully installed sewers for at least 12 months. Once this is done, you will fill out the contractor licensing application form, and pay the fees for an exam and the license. The license will only be issued to you upon passing the examination.

Contractor license school is another source that proved to help and support contractors in getting their license.

Types and grades of the contractor's license.
The contractor's license is usually issued in various classes depending on the types of projects that you will be involved in, as well as the tasks you will be allowed to perform after licensure.

Generally, a sewer contractor's license will enable you to perform most or all the tasks involved in the repair, construction and replacement of sewers. The major difference comes when you are licensed to perform either residential or commercial sewer construction.

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