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Every one of us dreams of getting his best careers... While working in the construction field in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia and the gulf region we must admit about the fact the construction sector is unstable sometimes comparing to other business sectors, especially, if the company is small or newly established with a few or small projects in hand.

We can see examples of Sewer Contractor companies that could not overlap between its current and new projects. Therefore it finds itself forced to get rid of some of its manpower to pass this stage. Of course, clever management works hard to get out of this status by diverse its business to prevent this hard solution.

Gaining new projects are essential to construction companies, that's why it is considered the same as lifeblood to human beings since without gaining new projects, the company faces the danger of shutting down. Therefore, we can see in a competitive market, some construction companies are forced to perform new projects without making a good profit and sometimes without gaining any profit, just for the purpose to remain alive.

I noticed that many people that start their career in a field most probably will continue to work in the same field since their experience is centered in this area. But, some people are lucky enough to find their best careers in a big national or international company, which has stability in its business.

The other colleagues who work in unstable environment should seek a new job more often. For that reason, they always must put under their sight a new job opportunity as a plan B, in case of any sudden termination from work "for any reason," such as cost reduction or lack of projects.

The workforce in any construction company diverse in professions because it is a wide field and contains different job tasks which require different professions of workers, ages, and from different nationalities sometimes. Each profession as we know has its own particularity, for example, senior posts such as (project manager) are not available always, while low-level posts such as (carpentry) can be found easily.

Now, let's help our colleagues who are looking for a new job by illustrating some guidelines to lighting their way during their journey to get the best careers.

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