Human Resource Department Role
Provide Workplaces With
The Right Workers

Human Resource department "Management Role":

The sewer contractor in Saudi Arabia is interested in this dept, because it looks after the most important element in the production process. Therefore, we can say expanding of production is not a horizontal expanding only (increase in the number of staff, high-tech machinery and equipment), but also it has another factor. The vertical expansion is the complementary factor represented in the raising of productivity through providing a motivated staff and workers to the formation, rehabilitation and training process.

human resources,H R department,administration Human resource department main Functions:

To Implement a strategy plan for Human Resources Management, which is:

A) In line with the overall strategy of the organization.

B) In line with the vision, mission and objectives of the Organization.

C) To include the work and the development of human-resource management systems, which includes performing the following tasks:

1- Planning and provide the necessary employment.

2- Development and training.

3- Retain employees and manage their affairs.


1) Collect company's needs from workforce.

2) Develop a plan to secure the company needs through the employment, training, promotion and transfer of the labor force.

3) Submit these plans to the authorized personnel to get them approved in advance by the headquarters Board of Directors.

4) Recommend about policies development and procedures of the company.

5) Recommend to develop or modify the policies and procedures for recruitment of staff. These recommendations should be in line with the general objectives and working conditions, and according to the authorities and procedures for setting up and adjustment of systems in coordination with the Director of Business Development.

6) Check the employments' applications for its compliance with the needed specifications and the approved budget.

7) Follow up employment's requests in many aspects (policies, advertising procedures, screening and selection, contracting and primitive steering with individuals until employment, policies and adopted personnel procedures).

8) Develop training plans for staff, on the long run, in collaboration with the Executive Director and the annual training program.

9) Supervise performing the training plans and make sure that A) Goals are achieved. B) Evaluation reports for staff are issued in at time. C) Bonuses, promotions and sanctions decisions are being audited and reviewed and are according to the recommendations in terms of legality and conformity with policies and with the approved appropriations.

10) Develop and apply a daily time control system, after consulting the responsible personnel and according to the nature of work, and the administrative level of the workers.

11) Announce timing of the official holidays.

12) To use application of sick, annual and emergency leaves.

13) Guide the personnel to their role in planning of their annual leave and get it approved.

14) Regulate and supervise of sick leaves and health services, and guide the employees for their role and responsibility.

15) Supervise recording of the employee's data and any amendments in the payroll system.

16) Supervise all the consequences of the employee's dues, and send them to the accounts department.

17) List the official documents required for each employee, and to supervise getting these requirements in time.

18) Follow up any transactions with the government departments and others departments.
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