Labor Camp Aims To
Provide The Labors
With Good Place to Stay in

The place where the Sewer Contractor arranges for his workers to stay in is called the Labor Camp. The camp supervisor must be an administrative person with a good experience in this field. Also, he must have a strong character to impose a strict housing rules within the accommodation; especially when he deals with various categories of workers educated and uneducated.

The camp boss main task in the sewer contractor companies in Saudi Arabia is to look after the workers affairs, and to facilitate the harness of their full-time to work required from them within company projects. Also, he is interested to organize the workers in their rooms by considering the suitable number of workers in each room.

The camp staff must maintain a healthy condition inside the accommodation by using the right cleaning and sterilizing ways. The company must be concerned to provide a proper furnished accommodation with all the necessary facilities that guarantee a decent stay for the residents.

Workers are often organized in separate rooms grouped by nationality (In case of the presence of multi nationalities) to find common denominators among them such as similarities in their custom, language and food.

Each room should contain a reasonable number of beds and accommodated with an acceptable number of workers. The rooms should be furnished with good furniture and sleeping accessories (pillow, blanket and mattress) for every resident.

Also, setting up workers' housing should be from non-flammable materials, and all exits and bedrooms doors must have fire resistance protection.

Kitchens are not allowed to be within the floors of worker's accommodation. Kitchens need to be isolated from the rest of the accommodation with fire resistance walls. Also, it must be equipped with a fire alarm and firefighting system.

Regulations in some countries allow the use of mobile cabin's houses for workers temporarily only and in these cases, it needs the approval of the civil defense.
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