Top Reasons Why You
Should Invest in Sewer Business

The sewer contractor business is a profitable and important one in Saudi Arabia. Knowing this fact by an ambitious entrepreneur who is looking for an investment opportunity will encourage him to look into this field thoroughly.

Sanitation, in short words' aims to ease and secure the safe arrival of the contaminated water from its sources to other suitable places, so everyone can enjoy a clean environment and remain healthy.

Shocking Facts:

Did you know that?
1)More than half of the world population deprived of the possibilities of proper sanitation?!!

2)Individuals launch more than 200 million tons of human waste and countless millions of liquid waste without control and without treatment in waterways throughout the world, each year?

3)39 percent of the rural population compared to 80 percent of the urban population does not enjoy the improved sanitation facilities in the world?

4)88 percent of deaths from diarrhea diseases are because of the lack of sanitation facilities, as well as the lack of water, personal hygiene and safe drinking water?

5)More than 5,000 children under five die every day because of the lack of sanitation and hygiene?

People opinion about sanitation business

Entrepreneurs always search for a good place to put their precious time, efforts and money. Therefore, they should be confidence about the sanitation business, that it is a growing business, besides its usefulness for people life.

The residents everywhere cannot live healthy without well sewer services. They will be always in need for something from this field, whether they are at their houses, schools, restaurants, car wash shops, commercial buildings, factories, industrial areas, sewer networks, pumping stations, treatment plants.

Sometimes people get disturbed while implementing the sewage projects in their area, but when they start benefiting from it, they would express their thanks and respect to the performing parties.

Who is responsible for providing the sanitation services?

Usually governments are responsible for providing sanitation services to the people. Its role lies in developing a general policy and to organize this sector to ensure a clean environment and a healthy living atmosphere for its people.

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What is the meaning of "Sewer Water"?

Sewage water is considered the biggest environmental pollutant's danger at the end of the twentieth century, because of the following reasons:

1) They contain many types of harmful pollutants.

2) The arrival of such contaminated water to drinking water is dangerous.

3) It transfers the disease via micro-organisms such as (typhoid/ cholera), and these pollutants find their way to the water environment in two ways, namely:
A) Discharging of waste water to water resources.
B)Sudden accidents like drowned ships and divert chemical substance incidents in the sea.

Pollutants can be classified into three groups:

1) Chemicals: Such as organic biodegradable materials, pesticides, inorganic nutrients, dissolved salts, acidic and alkaline materials, toxic substances and heavy metals.

2) Physicals: Such as suspended solids, radioactive materials and thermal pollutants.

3) Biological: Such as the transfer of the pathogen's infection, and some other micro-organisms.
As we know people secreted in their stools many micro-organisms and among these organisms causing diseases), and it is one of the sources of wastewater.

There are four types of wastewater sources:

1) Waste water, such as food leftovers, detergents, soaps and human waste (home waste).

2) Waste water coming from commercial activities such as restaurants, markets and clubs.

3) Industrial waste, it is the most dangerous, such as soda water, dairies as they contain a high amount of organic material with a great concentration.

4) Rainwater, this water comes from a private network or from the sewage network. This water washes away many organic pollutants, dust and salt, from the streets, farms and homes.
Sewer Water (Definition).

Sewer networks contains of different types of pipes such as clay pipes, plastic pipes and fiberglass pipes, connected with each other in checkpoints as seen in the streets.

Clay pipes are used in all countries of the world, with a proven record of in protecting the environment. These pipes can be used to the network of homes, factories.

Plastic pipes are used to connect homes, factories and architectural plants, while the latter are fiberglass pipes, which are used only for performing of the main lines leading to the treatment plants. Water are collected from homes, factories and linked to this line.

There are two types of pollutants in wastewater:

1) Material that dissolve in water, such as sugars and acids, sand and gravel.

2) Material that do not dissolve in water, such as fats, proteins and industrial materials.
And the total concentration of pollutants in waste water is said to be (solids) = (dissolved and suspended), and both types combines organic and inorganic pollutants.

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