Why you Need a
Plumber Contractor
for Sewer Project

In Saudi Arabia the Plumber Contractor responsibility lies in installing, repairing and maintaining of pipes during the installation process. His work is essential to the sewer contractor because every project contains laying and installing of different (lengths and sizes) of pipes.
Therefore, the Main Contractor seeks to select an expert contractor to perform the pipe fitting work in his project, because it is important, and it forms a large proportion of the work volume in most of the projects.

We can notice the presence of several pipe fitters beside each installation team, to do the following tasks:

1) Install pipes and connect them with each other.

2) To choose the proper pipe's fittings.

3) To install the rubber rings around the pipes.

4) Install and fix of gate valves and air valves.

His work concentrates in five places:

1) Sewer Networks: Installing and connecting the pipes in the gravity pipeline.

2) Sewer Networks: Installing and connecting the pipes in the main force pipeline (the pressure pipeline).

3) Connect the pipes with the manholes.

4) Build the chambers of valves (public chamber, air chamber, wash out chamber).

5) Home connections.

6) Pump station (pipe fitting's connection).

How to choose a pipe fitter?

The project management is responsible for choosing a qualified contractor to carry out the plumbing work. Also, the contracts department often asks any applicant wishes to perform a work in the project to provide several documents:

1) License.

2) Previous work experience "especially in the sewer field".

3) Client's testimonials.

4) Negotiate with them to get the best competitive (Deal) prices.

5) To be sure the contractor is ready to meet any emergency call during project implementation.

For more details on how to manage your contractor, please visit Contracts Department page.


Company Goals:
A) Complete the work in its project at the best shape.
B) Guarantee to contract with a qualified Pipe Fitting Contractor to execute all the work in the project, and hand it over to the engineer according to plans and schedules.
C) Build a database for the best contractors for (best and fast implementation of work, compliance with contract conditions, flexibility, good handling, etc.).

Contractor Goals:
A) To earn a profit, to ensure the continuity of his work and its progress.
B) Build a good reputation with the companies by meeting their assigned deadlines.
C) To contact him whenever they want to contract for a new job.
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