Why you Need a
Steel Contractor
for The Sewer Projects

The steel contractor in Saudi Arabia has a close relation to the sewer contractor. His Job starts by fixing the steel bars according to layouts approved by the in charge engineer. This task is considered important and dangerous at the same time and the base for other works.

The site engineer, the technical manager and the design engineer are responsible for the quality of this material, in particular. All of them should ensure it is according to standard specifications.

Usually, the contractor team consists of lead fixers, assistant fixers and labors.

His job is to manage his team the right way to ensure the work is performed according to quality standards and planned schedules.

The store manager role is to keep and preserve this important material properly before erection, because any defect in its durability will affect the safety of construction and people lives.

The step that follows forming of wood structure is steel reinforcement that is used for several works such as forming the concrete bases, beams, ceilings, columns and stairs.

Therefore, the management of the project is concerned to choose a qualified steel contractor to perform the work. Contracts department often asks the applicants to provide a record for their previous experience. For more details on how to manage your contractor, please visit Contracts Department page.

This contractor involves in various construction projects, especially for doing the work of concrete reinforcing. In sewer projects, we can divide his work into three categories:

1) Sewer Network:

A) Forming of Manholes: Building of manholes and catch basins (structures and frames), according to plans, specifications and approved designs.

B) Forms: Contribute with the carpenters for constructing forms made of (wood or metal) for pouring of concrete. All forms must be carefully cleaned and oiled before the concrete is placed in it.

C) Reinforcing: The structured frames must be checked, and exactly placed in forms before placing of concrete.

D) Mixing and placing concrete: Before pouring of concrete for building and fixing of (manholes, inlets, catch basins and foundation slabs) it must be proportioned and mixed according to the standard specifications.

2) Pump Station and Treatment Plant:

He fixes the steel bars in (frames and structures) and forms the concrete for (bases, beams, ceilings, columns, tiles and stairs).

3) Maintenance work:

The contractor must be experienced in his field and various repair work, such as welding, cutting and grinding.


Company goals:
A) Complete the reinforcement work in the project at the best performance.
B) Guarantee to contract with a qualified contractor to carry out all the work in the project, and hand it over to the engineer according to plans and schedules.
C) Build a database for contractors about (best implementation of work, compliance with contract conditions, flexibility, good handling).

Contractor Goals:
A) Earns a profit that ensures the continuity and the progress of his work.
B) Build a good reputation with the companies by meeting their assigned deadlines.
C) To contact him whenever they want to contract for a new job.
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