Why you Need
Carpentry Contractor
for Sewer Project

The Carpentry Contractor in Saudi Arabia does several works while performing his job in the sewer project, starting with framing the wooden shoring boxes, building of the scaffolding and making forms for pouring concrete.

The Sewer Contractor sometimes contracts with this contractor to carry out all the carpentry work in his project. The carpenter work is important and must be completed at a high-level of professionalism and proficiency because it is considered the foundation of other works.

To manage the work very well, you have to follow the proper way regarding (contracting procedure, performed work approval and payments). For more details, please visit Contracts Department page.

In sewer projects, we can say that the carpenter work is divided into three categories

A) Site Work
1) Fabricate the wooden shoring boxes used to support the soil and stop its collapse.
2) Fabricate the wooden molds for structuring the manholes.
3) Erecting forms into which cement will be poured in it.
4) Mix and pour cement.

B) Pump Station and Treatment Plants work include
1) Setting up bases, ground beams, columns, ceilings, beams and stairs.
2) Lay building's foundations.
3) Build floors, roofs and wall frameworks.
4) Framing of doors and windows.
5) Build stairs and other items.
6) Erecting walls and installing ceilings.
7) Laying the tiles.
8) Finish the roofing.

C) Maintenance work includes
1) Repair of external timber.
2) Repair structures and wood fixtures.
3) Repair frameworks, floors, and other wooden fixtures.
4) Remove, repair or replace of damaged or defective parts and sections of structures by using hand tools.
5) Select and order lumber and other needed materials.
6) Inspect ceiling or floor tile, wall coverings, siding, glass, or woodwork to detect broken or damaged structures.
7) Remove unsafe material.


The Company goals
A) Complete the work in the project at the best shape.
B) Contract with a qualified contractor to carry out all the work in the project.
C) Hand over the work to the engineer according to plans and schedules.
D) Build a database for the best contractors regarding (best and fast implementation of work, compliance with contract conditions, flexibility, good handling).

The Contractor Goals
A) Earn a profit that ensure the continuity and the progress of his work.
B) Build a good reputation with the companies by meeting the assigned deadlines.
C) Contact him whenever they want to contract for a new job.
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