Inventory Software
Manages Stock Efficiently

Why the sewer contractor in Saudi Arabia needs to use an inventory software? Inventory is categorized as raw materials, work in progress and finished products waiting to be sold to consumers. Inventory management is the process of maintaining a balance in inventory levels for each category of inventory so the organization makes a profit and remains in operation for the foreseeable future.

The scope of inventory management also involves replenishment lead-time, inventory carrying costs, asset management, forecasting, valuation, visibility, physical inventory, available inventory space, and demand forecasting.

A sewer contractor, who offers a range of pipeline and sewer solutions across the water and wastewater sectors, will therefore require an inventory system that serves his purpose. C for a sewer contractor to manage his stocks efficiently, he requires a reliable and effective inventory management system.

The system will be required in the management for several users. It should also have the ability to track stock purchases, Sales, Work Orders and payments. The system will provide a Point of Sale panel and Transfer Orders.

The contractor will use it as a tool for planning. Since the software is compatible with MS SQL and desktop database files, it will assist to create timely reports from the inventory system to excel and word. This will help in doing daily, monthly or annual reconciliation and calculating the cost of sales figure for the accounting department.

The contractor will also have the ability to track quantities and costs of each item in his stock records. The contractor will have the ability to carry out his work in all locations and warehouses where the connection between sections and departments is not reliable. This is the key in the processing of orders and linking information within the head office and branches.

The management of inventory and warehouses plays a key role in the proper working of the contractor, even more it is dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of products. The management of stocks and warehouses allows for a good management of contraction materials, as well as knowing the current situation of the warehouse. Also allowing knowing all the movements that our products have suffered, or where our stock has been sent.

Stocks should therefore be allocated special codes to enable easier tracking. The system will also provide a new stock management feature and modification tools for each stock.

The system will have the ability to raise local purchase orders, schedule and spot orders by the procurement arm of the company. Receipts on scheduled orders are also to be generated through the system by the receiving warehouse on the physical receipt of ordered stocks.

I would then advise a sewer contractor to go for software that has great functionality, which is essential for any product or service. The software's roles should have specified functions such as, record price, purchase orders. It should also be reliable, user friendly, efficient, simple to maintain and portable when it comes to changing locations.

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