Information Technology Department
Provide Various Users
With Supplementary programs

The Information Technology Department role in Saudi Arabia is to follow the technological developments in computer and computer programs to implement the best computer solutions for work.

Various departments in the Sewer Contractor company would benefit from there services, especially finance, accounts, warehouse and administration departments.
IT department,information technology department,computer,mis Often, employees need some supporting programs besides the basic programs used in performing the work. Whenever the need arises for a supplementary program, IT Department should be informed about that and for what purpose? Before going for outsourcing, the management must check with its IT department whether it is possible to do the program internally or not. The programmers who work for the company create programs that are specific for the needs of work, such as accounting, purchasing and inventory programs.

An employee from the IT Dept would visit the concerned dept to gather the required data about the new program, such as (inputs, outputs, reports, user's number, user's educational background, readiness date, urgency, place of the implementation and training period).

The programmer will write the programming codes, and test the program for its usability, and modify it until it becomes ready for use. One more mission lies on the shoulders of the programmer is to train the users on how to use the new application effectively.

It's often difficult to distinguish between the role of the IT and computer Dept. For instance, and throughout the experience I gained from working in the contracting field, I found that both departments often do the same duties.

The IT dept role is to do the following duties: Programming, networking, hardware repair, maintenance and troubleshooting.

IT Dept can be headed by a person who has the following knowledge:
A) Literacy in the hardware and software systems.
B) Network administration and installation.
C) Troubleshooting.
D) Viruses and security.
E) E-mail and internet programs.

The IT dept is responsible also for creating the company’s website. They design the site layout that suits the company business. For a contracting company, creating a website is an important thing for providing comprehensive information about the company for the public and especially for the customers.

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