Contractor License Board

Contractor license board is the one-stop destination for all the things related to the functioning of the construction industry across the different states in the United States. Every single state has a Contractor license board specific to the state.

The board acts as a protection shield for the consumers and provides strict qualification criteria to the different contractors. The board verifies the capability of the contractors (e.g. Sewer Contractor) by asking them to appear for a qualifying examination.

Only those contractors who have cleared the qualification criteria will be allowed to take up the construction projects. This is the process followed by the License board in issuing licenses to the eligible contractors.

Services provided to the consuming public.
For an ordinary citizen; the contractor board is the only authorized medium for getting licensed contractors to start their construction activity. The board besides being the source for licensed contractors also provides the following services to the consumers

1. Hiring licensed contractor.
2. Providing step by step guidance in choosing the licensed contractor.
3. Educating the consumers about the different construction rules.
4. Checking a contractor's license for its validity.
5. Provide guidance to the consumers while negotiating a contract with the licensed contractors.
6. Resolving disputes related to the chosen contractor.
7. Guiding the consumers about the instances in which to file the complaint and where to file the compliant.

Hiring a Licensed contractor.
Contractor license Board helps the consumer in hiring the correct contractor for their construction activities. They help the consumers to:
1. Identify the contractor, they need.
2. The process to be followed for selecting the right contractor of that type.

Identifying the required contractor.
The board will be able to help the consumer to choose between a general building contractor and a specialty contractor. General building contractors take up the overall responsibility of the construction activity, while the specialty contractors are those who specialize in a specific area such as roofing and plumbing.

Within the specialty contractors, the contractor license board has provided different classifications such as electricians, plumbers, landscapers, painters, swimming pool contractors and similar functions.

Process to be followed for selecting the contractor.
The contractor board provides useful tips to the public while selecting the contractor within a specific type. These tips include verifying the contractor's business location and telephone number, verifying the contractor's workers' compensation plan and verifying the liability insurance coverage.

The board also acts as a guiding force for the aspiring contractors and the qualified contractors.

Services provided to the applicant contractors.
1. Process that needs to be followed for getting the License.
2. Information about the Examination that needs to be cleared for getting the license.
3. Pre requirements that need to be met for taking up the examination.
4. Access to Exam study guides.
5. Access to the exam application form.

Services provided to the qualified contractors.
Once the contractor has cleared the qualifying examination, they become licensed contractors. Following are the services provided by the board to the qualified contractors:
1. Instructions related to renewing the license2. Instructions related to reactivating the license3. Information related to bonding requirements4. Requirements related to maintaining worker's compensation5. Adding a classification to the existed license.

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