Construction Bidding Software

Why is construction bidding software so important? For those who will consider going through a bidding process in Saudi Arabia sooner or later most certainly the use of construction bidding software will make their job easier.

What such software does is that it allows the sewer contractor to simplify their task a lot by letting them create and print bid worksheets, which are simple to use when it comes to people's bid walks. Using the worksheets you will eventually be able to create attention grabbing letters, appendices and of course proposals for your final bid presentation.

To help you even more with this process, the software also has the option of generating bids on the price per square foot, by the piece, cost plus or on an hourly basis. Of course, any bidding process will contain factors like overhead and so on, and they will be introduced in the equation using a percentage or flat dollar amount.

It's important thus that you will choose construction bidding software, which is integrated with other Executive Toolkit modules out there, because this way, you will not be required once again to enter the information regarding buildings and your customers. Inspection Templates can also be created by just the click of a button, but this will require another software with Inspection Pro being one of them.

Each construction bidding software will have its advantages and disadvantages so that is why when you need to go with one, you will have to be careful on these aspects. Some of them will have more options; others will have a more intelligent user graphics interface and so on. Let's take a look below at some of these options and what they might include exactly:

1. The software can contain, for instance, four bid methods which users can pick from, numbering piecework, cost plus, hourly and square feet. The user can easily use either one or all of these methods with their bid.

2. For every segment of the user's bid, profit, equipment, supplies, taxes, overhead and labor will get to be calculated precisely. It's simple to have each of these expense items customized according to your preference, and if you want you will be able to add in as many details as possible. If you don't want that, then you will be able to use a flat dollar amount or percentage for each category.

3. Depending on the construction bidding software, you can also link your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, and Microsoft Word documents with the information of your bidding software.

Ever wondered what you could add into your cover letter to make your proposal stand out from the crowd? Depending on the software you're using you will be let in on many cover letters, which will knock out the competition. On top of that some software will also allow you to save the cover letter of your specific clients alongside with their information. How great is that?

When using construction bidding software you will also need to make use of bid worksheets. So when you walk through the facility of your potential customer, there is certain information, you will need to remember.

Using the bid worksheets you will be able to gather that information so that eventually you can come with an informed proposal. Some software will come with a default sample worksheet which you can instantly use, or if you don't like it, you can customize it according to your needs and preferences.

Last but not least creating an appendix for your proposal is the last step of this process using the appendix you will have the work-to-be-done outlined in the proposal you'll present. Usually the appendix should be customizable, and it is in most software out there so it meets your specific needs.

After all of this has been considered and put in the proposal it's time for you to print everything out and present the proposal to your client. With all the info covered up and put together in one amazingly looking cover letter, you will certainly be awarded the project.

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