The Camp Boss
Key Role

The camp boss who works for a Sewer Contractor company in Saudi Arabia should have the needed experience and knowledge that allows him to manage the camps successfully. Therefore, some characteristics are essential for this job, like:
A) Strong management skills and coordination abilities.
B) Strong leadership skills and a team player.
C) Ability to manage time effectively.
D) Computer literate.
E) Excellent communication skills in different languages, for example, English & Arabic.

The camp boss role, gains extra importance in huge company's that hires big number of workers and has several camps to manage. This job keeps the camp boss busy all the time because his responsibilities include doing many things like:
1) Watching of the worker's number (check in, check out) and status (absent or sick).
2) Conduct a periodic maintenance for the camp.
3) Disposal of sewage water.
4) Arranging accommodations for new arrivals.
5) To make sure that food is cooked under hygienic conditions "in case the company provides daily meals."
6) Keep an eye on the quality and safety of the served food.
7) Supervise cleaning of the toilets and the surrounding areas.
8) Provide the management with the monthly reports which reflect camp's activities.
9) To coordinate with H.R. Dept. for new arrivals and departures of workers.
10) Completion of the administrative matters of workers with the various departments in the company.
11) To arrange medication for any sick person.

Some companies intentionally transform the camps from being Cost Centers to Profit Centers. This transformation requires from the camp boss to raise monthly invoices against all the projects that benefited from the "camps services" which may include housing, transportation and food. These invoices represent his revenues, while Rent, electricity, water, food and transportation represent his cost. The difference between revenues and costs is his profit or loss.

Construction companies purposely build, buy or rent permanently or temporarily camps for their workers depending on the business need.

Gathering the workers in one place achieves the following benefits:
1) Ease the process of bringing the workers "from and to" the various job sites by coordinating with the transportation department to arrange the buses.
2) Reduce absenteeism from work.
3) Service the workers in a better way.
4) Avoid paying the housing allowance in case if each worker stay separately.
5) Provide food and daily meals.
6) Secure a clinic to provide treatment and medication needed for workers in case of emergencies.
7) Secure a car or a small bus to drive the workers to hospitals in case of sickness.
8) Attend entertainment competitions and sports activities between the workers.

Other things to take care of:
1) Provide the camps with security and safety measures, such as guards and fire extinguishers.
2) To prevent any person who does not belong to the camp to stay in it.
3) Prevent drugs and intoxicating substances to enter the camps.
4) To provide a pick up car to bring the camps needs (food, cleaning products, gas, etc. ...).
5) Worker's camps must be sprayed insecticide regularly to prevent the spread of insects.
6) Report to HR Department for any misbehavior within the camp between workers.
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